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About Us

Are you having problems overseeing your software/product development projects?  Are you having difficulties keeping it all together, managing schedules, deadlines, resources, expectations? ARE YOU PAYING TO MUCH?

Welcome to AxcessWired vMAPS. Through our professional consulting services we help you identify your unique strengths and manage areas for improvement. We provide the correct level of expertise, whether it’s managing projects, leadership skill development, coordinating short run projects, identify GAP’s, providing enterprise solutions, re-engineering your business process and identifying risk, assess project performance, or providing you an assessment if your project managers are worth the pay.
  • Do you change project managers or business analysts continually? Do you lack real expertise
  • Are your projects late, budget overruns, lack of team cohesiveness?
  • Are you overwhelmed with small projects that need to get done right away?
  • Are you having trouble hiring project managers?
  • Do you need to understand your own internal processes?
  • Do you need to illustrate your workflow? See your GAPS?
  • Do you feel that you are paying for more than you’re receiving?
  • Are you having to train your project managers and it’s taking 2-3 months for them to get up to speed?
  • Do you spend to much training for your consultant? YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE TO WITH AXCESSWIRED CONSULTANTS.
  • Do you need consultants that will begin ACTUAL work on day one?  WE CAN

Our goal is to not be your typical hired help. We are here to help move your projects to completion as efficiently, quickly and successfully as possible. We can coach and mentor your current staff, provide business process re-engineering, identify your pain-points and give you a PLAN of ACTION that’s suitable to management and your customers. We can do the heavy lifting for you.  AxcessWIRE consultants are used to rolling-up their sleeves to do the menial work your projects manager avoid doing. WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU MOVE THROUGH YOUR PROJECTS IN A COST EFFECTIVE MANNER.

We know that the success of a business management solution requires a detailed understanding of your operations and your business. It takes a solid plan, a well-planned implementation, targeted business gathering and excellent client service. Each AxcessWired team member makes a personal commitment to provide excellence in every project engagement or short-run assignment.





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